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PAK to US Exchanges

US Institution: University of Chicago
US Host: Dr. Elena Bashir
Mentee: Saeed Lehri (University of Balochistan)
Final Reports:      Lehri

This exchange program consisted of an individual mentorship on research methodologies and applied linguistics. Mr. Lehri worked with Dr. Elena Bashir, Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago to publish a research paper on minor languages in Pakistan and advance his research dissertation. He participated in other activities that were deemed beneficial by the University of Chicago team.

US Institution: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 
US Host: Dr. Gabriel Filippelli
Mentees: Muhammad Zahir (COMSATS Institute of Technology) and Rabbia Murtaza (COMSATS Institute of Technology)
Final Reports:        Zahir         Murtaza 

Dr. Gabriel hosted two Pakistani scholars at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. This exchange program consisted of individual mentorships on course and research development. It consisted of attending different lectures on environmental matters, visiting different environmental research laboratories, and several discussion sessions on initiating research opportunities together. According to one mentee, this program helped with their professional development and improved their teaching, service, and research responsibilities.

US Institution: UW-Madison
US Host: Dr. J. Mark Kenoyer
Mentees: Nafees Ahmed (Punjab University) and Mueezuddin Hakal (Quaid-i-Azam University)
Final Reports:        Ahmed         Hakal      

Two archaeologists participated in this mentorship program with Dr. J. Mark Kenoyer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Nafees Ahmad learned how to teach archaeology and also work on his doctoral dissertation research relating to the study of Early Harappan pottery from the site of Harappa and sites that he had surveyed in Cholistan. Dr. Muezzuddin Hakal developed more effective ways of teaching archaeology and also developed skills to undertake both ceramic analysis and excavation of Harappan sites. Both scholars were able to sit in on courses being taught on the UW campus and attend lectures and seminars. Both scholars presented lectures to students and faculty and developed syllabi. They were able to develop projects that they plan to submit for funding back in Pakistan. In addition to their academic engagements, they interacted with US non-academic individuals off campus to get a better understanding of US culture.

US Institution: Michigan State University
US Host: Dr. Cara Cilano (Professor of English)
Mentee: Henna Karamat (Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University)
Final Reports:        Karamat

Dr. Cara Cilano (Professor of English) invited Ms. Henna Karamat at Michigan State University (MSU) for an individual mentorship on course and research development. While at MSU, Ms. Henna Karamat met with Dr. Stephen Deng regularly to discuss both her research and approaches to teaching. She attended most of his classes to observe both a smaller Shakespeare course and a larger humanities general education lecture. Ms. Karamat also gave a series of talks about her academic experiences in Pakistan.

US Institution: South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) at UW-Madison
Mentees: Jahan Zeb Ahmed (University of California, Santa Barbara), Ashok Kumar Khatri (Punjab University), and Zahid Hussain (LUMS)
Final Reports:        Ahmed           Khatri         Hussain   

The South Asian Language Instructor Training Certificate Program took place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from June 10 to 21, 2019. Through this program, the participants attended sessions on basic language teaching methodologies for South Asian languages, met with Pedagogy Specialists for individualized support and observed language courses at the South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI).