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Regional Music

These are the different types of traditional music which are found in specific areas of Pakistan. They are divided into approximate groups, of which four are listed here Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi.

Sindhi Regional Music

Sindhi music is generally performed in either the "Baits" or "Waee" styles. The Baits style is vocal music in Sanhoon, low voice, or Graham, high voice. Waee music is instrumental performed in a variety of ways using a string instrument. Waee is commonly known as Kafi and also found in this surrounding areas of Balochistan, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Common instruments used in Sindhi regional music include the Yaktaro, Narr, and Naghara.

Balochi Regional Music

Balochi music includes many different forms. Popular instruments in Balochi music are the sarod, doneli, and benju. Of special note are Sepad, Shabtagi, Vazbad, Lullaby, and Zayirak, various melodies which are sung in rituals after the birth of a child, while lullabies are sung to infants and children.

Pashto Regional Music

Pashto music is commonly found in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. There is a long oral tradition of Pashto folk music, which includes genres such as the Tappa, Charbeta, Neemkai, Loba, Shaan and Badala. The Tappa is believed to be one of the oldest forms of Pashto poetry; it is comprised of two unequal meters, with the second longer than the first. Charbetta is the most popular form of poetry, and epic poem which focuses on heroic figures. The music is often sung at a fast tempo by two or more singers. Neemakai is type of folk song normally composed by Pashto women, expressing a range of issues from daily life. Loba is another form of Pashto folk song composed as a dramatic dialogue, often to tell romantic tales. Shaan is a celebratory song performed at occasion such as marriage and child birth. Although Badala is a type of Pashto folk music, it is normally sung by professional musicians. It is an epic poem set to composed music which is performed with instruments such harmonium, drums and tabla. Websites which have Pashto music available for listening and/or download include:

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Punjabi Regional Music

Music from the Punjab province includes many different varieties. The traditional music utilizes instruments like the dhol, flute, dholak, and tumbi. The most commonly recognized form of Punjabi music, bhangra, is music which is based on the drum rhythms of the dhol, although its modern popularity has led to the use of many new instruments and electronic sound sampling in this form.