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Wedding Music

Pakistani Wedding Ceremonies: Weddings (shadi) in Pakistan are planned and prepared for months in advance, and celebrated for multiple days. While there are many religious, regional, and family variations there are few commonly observed practices including the Mehendi, Nikka, and Valima celebrations.

Mehendi: Mehendi simply means henna, an herb which applied to the bride and groom's hands give a pleasant orange-brown color. This ceremony often takes place the night before the wedding. Often in Pakistan the mehendi is placed on the bride's hand by married women of the family.

Nikka: The actual marriage takes place on the day of the Nikka, or official signing of paperwork with a maulvi or imam (Islamic religious leader). The bride and groom are both dressed in special clothing, as well as their family members. The Nikka signifies that the couple are married, and the bride traditionally leaves her home at this time.

Valima: The Valima is a reception which often takes place the day after the Nikka ceremony. The groom's side of the family invites family and friends to celebrate the marriage.