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AIPS-Sponsored Events at the Annual Conference on South Asia

Thank you to those that organized and attended the AIPS-sponsored events at the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, Wisconsin!  To view photos from the events, please visit and "like" our Facebook page.

AIPS Junior Scholars Symposium:  This symposium showcased the research being done by eight junior scholars in the field of Pakistan Studies.  AIPS senior scholars, Dr. Matthew Cook, Dr. Farhat Haq and Dr. Iftikhar Dadi, provided feedback and discussion on the papers.

Special Lunch Session: The Disposable Pakistani Scholars at AAS-in Asia (Delhi, India): A RoundTable Discussion:  Yasmin Saikia led a panel of scholars in an interactive roundtable conversation, motived by the exclusion of Pakistani scholars at AAS-in Asia 2018.  Around 80 people attended!

The AIPS Executive Committee and Board of Trustees held their Annual Meetings to discuss the current and future operations of the Institute.  The meetings were followed by an AIPS Reception!

For those interested, check out a list of the Pakistan-related papers/panels at the conference!