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2024 Conferences

APEX Conference

Kinnaird College for Women
Lahore, Pakistan

February 26-27, 2024
The American Pakistan Educational Exchange (APEX) program brought eight faculty from Bristol Community College and Sauk Valley Community College to Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, Pakistan.  In conjunction with the APEX program, four faculty members from Sauk and four from Bristol attended the 4th Annual Social Sciences and Humanities Conference at Kinnaird. Each US participant delivered keynotes or workshops on our content areas. In addition, Kinnaird led cultural visits and visits with officials from Pakistan to introduce the US faculty to Pakistan, its culture, and its people.

Lectures, Workshops, Roundtables Presented at Kinnaird College for Women

Keynote Presentations, Feb 26, 2024
• Farah Habib: “Finding my Voice: The Journey of an Imposter.” ~450 participants
• Paul R. Edleman: “Linked Humanity.” ~450 participants

Invited Talks, Feb 27, 2024
• Shelly Murphy: “The ‘Fake News’ Crisis: Erosion of Free Press and Democracy in the United States.” ~250 participants
• Glenn Bodish: “Art as Agency for Personal Expression and Community Engagement.” ~250 participants
• Amy Jakobsen: “Anxiety: Symptoms and Strategies for Coping.” ~250 participants

Workshops and Roundtables, Feb 27, 2024
• Stacie Charbonneau Hess: Workshop on “The Power of Storytelling.” ~35 participants
• Janis Jones: Workshop on “Mental Health Issues among Students in Primary, Elementary and Secondary School Systems.”  ~43 participants
• Jenn Puniello: Roundtable discussion with Kinnaird College administrators on what it means to be an administrator in US Community College. 14 participants