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2023 Conferences

Annual Conference on South Asia

AIPS funded the travel of several scholars in Pakistan to participate in panels at the 2023 Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, WI

Dates: October 18 - 21, 2023

Kaleemullah Lashari

Directorate of Archaeology, Govt. of Sindh

Title of Paper: Conservation of Historical Monuments in Pakistan: Example of the Portuguese and Omani Period in Gwadar

Panel Title: Archaeological and Historical Cultural Heritage Documentation and Preservation in South Asia: Foundational Practices and Innovative Solutions

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Ghazal Asif Farrukhi


Title of Paper: Three Women from Elias' Khwabnama

Panel Title: Ilyas' Khwabnama, the Coming Community, and the Missing Peasant

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Zahra Sabri


Title of Paper: How important were madāris really in producing the best ‘ulama? A view from studies of South Asia, c. 1100-1800 AD

Panel Title: Evolving History, Evolving Functions: The Madrasah In South Asia

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