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2018 Short-Term Research Grant

Funded on Unrestricted/Other Funds

Ahsan Kamal
Field: Sociology 
Project Title: Resettling the Displaced: Large Dams and Involuntary-Displacement in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Location: Pakistan
Abstract                    Final Report

Erum Haider 
Field: Government
Project Title: Transformation in Patronage, service delivery and social contract between states and citizens in Karachi, Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Gerogetown University 
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract                      Final Report

Mishal Khan
Field: Sociology
Project Title: “Free” and “Unfree” Labor under the Law: Analyzing the Legal Topography of Colonial Sindh
Affiliated Institution: University of Chicago
Location: Sindh, Pakistan
Abstract                        Final Report

Shehram Mokhtar
Field: Media Studies
Project Title: Transgender Lives & Temporalities: Mediated Cultures & Lived Realities of Khwaja Siras
Affiliated Institution: University of Oregon
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract                            Final Report

Usmaan Masood Farooqui
Field: Political Science 
Project Title: Hydraulic Peace: Water and the Everyday Politics of Infrastructure in Karachi
Affiliated Institution: University of Massachusetts
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract                        Final Report

Zehra Husain
Field: Cultural Anthropology 
Project Title: Lyari Town and the Politics of Race in Pakistan 
Affiliated Institution: City University of New York - The Graduate Center
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract                             Final Report

Sohaib Khan
Field: Comparative Literature and Society
Project Title: Financial Rationalization of the Shari'a by conducting a textual and ethnographic study of interactive labors between Mufti's and financial engineers
Affiliated Institution: Columbia University 
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Abstract                                  Final Report