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2016 Short-Term Research Grants

Funded by Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Karim Gillani
Field: Ethnomusicology
Project: Khoja Ismaili Muslim Hymns Ginans
Affiliated Institution: Florida International University
Research Location: Lahore and Islamabad

Luther Obrock
Field: South Asian Historiography
Project: Mercantile Sanskrit: Trade, Religion, and Literature along the Indus
Affiliated Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Research Location: Lahore

Mubbashir Rizvi
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Masters Not Friends: Land, Labor, and Politics of Place in Rural Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Georgetown University
Location: Lahore and Islamabad

Shabana Mir
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Pathways of Pakistani Faculty: Faculty Employment, Development, and Resilience
Affiliated Institution: American Islamic College, Chicago
Research Location: Lahore

Funded on Unrestricted Funds

Amna Qayyum
Field: History
Project Title: Planning the Islamic Republic: Economic Expertise and Development iin Pakistan, 1947-71
Affiliated Institution: Princeton University
Research Location: Islamabad
Abstract              Final Report

Azfar Nisar
Field: Public Administration and Policy
Project Title: Managing the Margins: Public Administration and Lives of Hijras of Lahore, Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Arizona State University
Research Location: Lahore
Abstract             Final Report

Mashal Saif 
Field: Philosophy and Religion
Project Title: Dreaming of Guit: Insulting Muhammad in Contemporary Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Clemson University
Research Location: Pakistan
Abstract             Final Report

Rehan Jamil
Field: Political Science
Project: Relationship between political competition and service provision
Affiliated Institution: Brown University
Location: Pakistan
Abstract           Final Report

Shehram Mokhtar
Field: Journalism and Communication
Project Title: Mapping the Relationship of Folk Culture and Modern Media In Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of Oregon
Location: Pakistan
Abstract           Final Report