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2015 Short-Term Research Grants

Funded by Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Brian Bond
Field: Ethnomusicology
Project Title: Kāfī Musical Performance and the Transmission of Locally Embedded Islam
Affiliated Institution: City University of New York - The Graduate Center
Location: Lahore, Pakistan

James Edmonds
Field: Religious Studies
Project Title: Untitled research comparing the Naqshbandi tariqa (Sufi order) in Pakistan and Indonesia
Affiliated Institution: Arizona State University
Location: Lahore, Pakistan


Zahra Hayat
Field: Sociocultural Anthropology
Project Title: Untitled research on intellectual property regimes in Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry
Affiliated Institution: University of California-Berkeley
Location: Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan
Abstract              Final Report

Marc Kelley
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Untitled research on the energy crisis in Pakistan 
Affiliated Institution: University of Chicago 
Location: Lahore, Pakistan 
Abstract             Final Report

Sahar Khan
Field: Political Science
Project Title: Combating Violent Islamist Proxies: The Role of Civil Institututions in Pakistan 
Affiliated Institution: University of California-Irvine
Location: Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan 
Abstract             Final Report

James Pickett
Field: History
Project Title: Seeing like a Princely State: Eurasian Protectorates Between Persinate Court and Modern State
Affiliated Institution: Princeton University
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Abstract             Final Report

Fatima Quraishi
Field: Islamic Art and Architecture
Project Title: Necropolis as Palimpsest: the Makli Cemetary in Sindh (ca. 1350-1650)
Affiliated Institution: New York University
Location: Makli, Pakistan
Abstract             Final Report

Alexis Saba
Field: Education Policy Studies, International and Comparative Education
Project Title: Education Narratives in Pakistan's Development Sector
Affiliated Institution: Indiana University
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan 
Abstract               Final Report

Sara Singha
Field: Religion, Peace, and World Affairs
Project Title: Dalit Christians and Caste in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Georgetown University
Location: Lahore and Punjab, Pakistan 
Abstract               Final Report

Sabah Firoz Uddin
Field: Gender and Women's Studies
Project Title: Writing Politics and Piety on Women's Bodies: A Study of the Duppatta Debate in Pakistan 
Affiliated Institution: Merrimack College
Location: Pakistan 

Rabia Zafar
Field: Law and Diplomacy
Project Title: Enterprising Extremists: Crime, Religion, and Political Violence in Pakistan 
Affiliated Institution: Tufts University
Location: Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan 
Abstract              Final Report

Funded on Unrestricted/Other Funds

Ghazal Asif
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Organizing Difference: Hindy Panchayats and Local Government in Sindh
Affiliated Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Location: Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan 
Abstract             Final Report

Sarah Khan
Field: Political Science
Project Title: Making Democracy Work for Women
Affiliated Institution: Columbia University
Location: Pakistan 
Abstract                Final Report

Ayesha Masood
Field: Cultural Anthropology
Project Title: Decisions that Matter: Subjectivity and Agency in the Career Choices of Pakistani Women Doctors
Affiliated Institution: Arizona State University
Location: Lahore, Pakistan 
Abstract                 Final Report

Mohammad Waqas Sajjad
Field: Islamic Studies
Project Title: Deobandism and Barelvism in Pakistan: Tracing Developments in Postcolonial Discursive Traditions
Affiliated Institution: Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
Location: Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan 
Abstract              Final Report

Rafeel Wasif
Field: International Relations, Comparative Politics, and South Asia
Project Title: Madrassas as NGOs: Analyzing Madrassa Resistance to Government Funding in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of Washington
Location: Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, Pakistan 
Abstract              Final Report