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2013 Short-Term Research Grants

Funded on Unrestricted/Other Funds

Kiran Ahmed
Field: Social Anthropology 
Project Title: Untitled research on the changing contours of the media in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of Texas-Austin
Location: Sialkot, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Abstract         Final Report

Safoora Arbab
Field: Comparative Literature
Project Title: Untitled research on the non-violent movement of the Khudar Khidmatgars
Affiliated Institution: University of California-Los Angeles
Location: Peshawar and Islamabad, Pakistan
Abstract           Final Report

Miriam Chughtai
Field: Education Policy, Leadership, and Instructional Practice
Project Title: Nationalism in Education: A Study of How Political Agendas Influence Identity Through Schools in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Harvard University
Location: Pakistan
Abstract            Final Report

Maira Hayat
Field: Social Anthropology
Project Title: Pakistan's Waterscapes - Waste, Sovereignty and the Many Lives of the Indus Waters Treaty
Affiliated Institution: University of Chicago
Location: Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan
Abstract            Final Report

Shayan Rajani
Field: History
Project Title: The Charisma of Colonial Rule
Affiliated Institution: Tufts University
Location: Pakistan
Abstract            Final Report