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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS _ Training & Exchange of Junior Faculty in Pakistan Project!

AIPS is accepting applications for an exchange program between US and Pakistani scholars! AIPS will collaborate with institutions such as the Inter University Consortium for the Promotion of Social Sciences Arts and Humanities (IUCPSS) and the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) in Pakistan for the placement of U.S. scholars.

The following exchange programs will be considered:

  • U.S. scholar placement in Pakistan
    • AIPS will work with in-country partners to place each US scholar in a Pakistani institution.
  • Pakistani junior scholar placement in the US
    • Junior Faculty from Pakistan will come from public universities, especially from those institutions that are currently partnering with AIPS.

US scholar placement in Pakistan (12 placements through Spring 2019)

  • 3-5 weeks duration
  • Mentor 8-10 junior faculty in residence at a Pakistani academic institution for 2-4 weeks (institutions must be in either Islamabad or Lahore).
    • Mentoring accomplished through a three-week seminar with at least 2 classes of 2-3 hours each week
  • Co-lead, with other US scholars (on this exchange program), a one-week workshop in Pakistan (~25 attendees)
    • Theme for the workshop will be determined by AIPS and the in-country scholars
    • Attendees for this workshop will come from regional universities in Pakistan with half of the workshop attendees expected to be female scholars
    • Use AIPS-designated portal (Google Classroom) to deliver and receive workshop materials
    • Within three months after the workshop in Pakistan, lead a follow-up webinar (using GoTo Meeting) for workshop attendees
  • Benefits of the award
    • AIPS will pay airfare, per diem, accommodations, in-country travel
    • $1,000 honorarium for the US scholar

Pakistani junior scholar placement in the US (12 total through Spring 2019):

  • Placed at a US academic institution for a minimum of 6 weeks (preference given to AIPS institutional members, but all complete applications accepted and reviewed)
  • Each placement must have one or more of the components below:
    • Exposure to research opportunities and teaching pedagogies through a program of mentorship
    • Mentorship to complete a draft publication
    • Participation in workshops, seminars, and lectures
    • Development of course/syllabi
    • Completion of research proposal
  • Institutions should be able to process J-1 paperwork and/or be able to partner with an institution that can process this paperwork.
  • Benefits of the award
    • AIPS will pay for the airfare, per diem, health insurance, accommodations, and in-country travel for the Pakistani junior faculty
    • $1,000 honorarium for the US mentor
    • Each institution will receive a $1,500 bench fee

We are accepting applications for placements of US and/or Pakistani scholars for the following terms:

  • Spring 2018
  • Summer 2018
  • Fall 2018
  • Spring 2019


  • Faculty from an academic institution in the US are welcome to apply, with preference to faculty from AIPS institutions (see list here)
  • All in-country placements must be continuous

How to Apply:

Submit the following to

For US scholar placement in Pakistan:

  • One-page proposal outlining the preferred host institution/location in Pakistan (note that AIPS will be working with in-country institutions to facilitate placements)
  • CV
  • Proposed travel dates

For Pakistani Junior Faculty travel to US:

  • One-page proposal outlining the mentoring program to include the outcomes expected
  • Information regarding how the institution will process the J1 paperwork, acquire accommodations, and offer health insurance
  • CV of Junior Pakistani Faculty member
  • CV of US Senior Faculty Mentor
  • Proposed travel dates
  • Submit a budget including the estimated cost of accommodations and health insurance for the duration of the program

Deadline to Apply: This grant application has a rolling deadline.

Note: All travel must be completed by Spring 2019.