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AIPS Co-sponsored SISAAS Colloquium!!

AIPS Co-sponsored Scholars at the Intersection of South Asian and Africana Studies (SISAAS) Colloquium will be held at Armour J. Blackburn University Center, Howard University on Saturday, April 8, 2017. 

This full day (9am – 5pm) event invites its participants to explore exciting topics discovered in the overlap of South Asian and Africana Studies. SISAAS will present two panels devoted to unpacking historical and cultural content. The first is “Roots & Routes: Labor and Migration in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean Worlds,” surveying African contributions to the western Indian Ocean world from Arabia to South Asia and migrations from the Indian Ocean world into that of the Atlantic. The second, “Cultures in Circulation: Religion, Music and Film in Diasporic Contexts” introduces participants to various Indian-African diasporic exchanges, from African American jazz musicians in Bombay to Bollywood films in Ghana, to the Goddess Kali as worshipped in the Caribbean. The SISAAS third panel provides students with resources and information about the foreign-language training programs and funded research opportunities that will afford access to these fields of study.

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